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Delayed In Cheeseland

The weather is very deceiving right now. It’s one of those cold, sunny days that old people rave about, or at least my grandparents do. “Oh it’s just so lovely, don’t you think Sarah?” No, no I do not. Maybe I would like Wisconsin’s manic weather if I had the luxury of sitting in a … Continue reading

Back in the BK

He did not remember my coffee order. Not only did the man at the deli not remember how I take my coffee but he also fucked up my bagel. But other than that, things have been going seemingly well. I arrived in New York yesterday at approximately 2:50 pm. My mom came and met me … Continue reading

First Coffee After Camp

I’m here at the local coffeehouse after not being here for the past two months. It feels strange. There’s not a lot of people inside and new baristas working that have no idea who I am (or how much money I’ve spent on their coffee). I’ll admit, I was kind of hoping someone would recognize … Continue reading

Mall Detour

So I felt like switching things up today and decided to blog from my cracked iPhone instead of my grandma’s ancient computer in the basement. I am currently eating a baked potato in the kitchen while my grandparents are in the next room watching some sort of program on T.V. (probs a British mystery). About … Continue reading