“This is Sarah, she lives here now”

I woke up too scared to breathe.
Too scared to move.
An unfamiliar rustle came from the kitchen and I dared not make myself seen. The cabinets banged, the door shut, and a heated silence slid through the cracks of the radiator. With a final swing of the door; my roommate was gone.
Okay, okay so maybe I’m being a little dramatic.
Two weeks ago, I moved into my new apartment. It was very strange at first because it felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there, like I was an intruder of some sort. At first, I was overly conscious about everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Oh no! A droplet of water on her “side” of the sink… Is she judging me for only having random grains that my grandma sent me with in my cabinet? Is it weird that I’m home at 8 pm on a Monday? The list of concerns goes on.
But after living here for two weeks, it feels a little more normal and less like I am an alien intruder unable to engage in human interaction. Last week we both happened to be in the kitchen at the same time and we actually had a real conversation. When I heard her come in, I was tempted to stay in my room and hibernate like I normally do but I decided to go and talk to my roommate because, after all, I am living with her and that is what an adult would do (mainly I went in because I had a teapot on the stove). We started talking a bit and I suddenly became very self-conscious that I was making tea on a Friday night so I prematurely poured the water into my cup and brought it over to the table. We talked about school and she asked me what it was like being from New York and then we somehow segwayed into creepy men and homeless people that ride the bus (while periodically sipping at my lukewarm tea).
The other night I came home and there was a man in the house. And by man I mean she had a friend over who was a guy. At first they didn’t say anything to me but then my roommate said “This is Sarah, she lives here now.” He half smiled. “No, I’m just some random person who comes here and drinks water” I said jokingly holding up my water glass; they didn’t smile.
In other news, Wisconsin is really cold, I’m feeling pretty excited about my classes this semester, and work is….well, work. That is all for now, my roommate has just come home and I am proper knackered.
Xoxo sarahgurl


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