It’s funny how things can change yet stay seemingly the same. Last week when I told my friends and co-workers that I’d be gone for a week to go home, I was continually asked if I was excited for my trip. I said I was, which was true, but these words kind of just came … Continue reading

The Golden Rule

Rule # 1: Do Not Speak to Strangers. The first time I rode the bus in Milwaukee, I still very much had my New York mentality. I did not engage in conversation with unknown people let alone make eye contact with them. However, as I became familiarized with the area and the Midwestern way of … Continue reading

Delayed In Cheeseland

The weather is very deceiving right now. It’s one of those cold, sunny days that old people rave about, or at least my grandparents do. “Oh it’s just so lovely, don’t you think Sarah?” No, no I do not. Maybe I would like Wisconsin’s manic weather if I had the luxury of sitting in a … Continue reading