And I’m Back… One Year Later

Naturally, I got excited (maybe a little too excited) when I saw I had a notification on WordPress (the medium I’m using for this blog). But when I opened it up and saw it was congratulating me on my one year anniversary on this site, a whole new set of emotions was evoked.

One year on WordPress; wow.

Exactly one year ago, I was sitting in my empty room in Brooklyn. It was humid yet I was probably still drinking a hot coffee from the deli. One year ago, I unpacked my camp duffels only to repack them with sweaters and boots and winter attire. I remember one year ago, sitting on the corner by a busy intersection. I watched the cars go past, honking and precariously weaving through stoplights. I remember thinking that I would rather be anywhere in the world other than New York. So I purchased my one way ticket to Wisconsin. And, one year later, I’m still here.

This blog was all I had. I came to Wisconsin with no job, no school to attend, no friends, and 100 dollars (which was quickly spent on coffee). I left the house every day, unsure of where the day would take me but, low and behold, always ended up at a coffeehouse; writing.

It’s a strange and scary and exciting feeling to just suddenly relocate and spend the days as you please. To spend each day taking in your surroundings, eating it up like a nice piece of cake (a cake that is most likely not made out of matzah meal like my grandma’s). It’s eye opening and, at times, boring as shit, to have an unmarked schedule that is tentative of your mood. Last year, I experienced days that were longer than I thought humanly possible but they’re the reason why I am feeling a whole hierarchy better than I did just one year ago.

I was really nervous to return to school after a year. But after 20 minutes of double checking my class schedule with every blink, being back in school felt mundane and second nature to me. Within the first day, I already discovered where I would be routinely purchasing my mid-day coffee then proceeded to sit on the floor outside my class and eat my granola bar. I’ve returned to work and made friends here and there which is a heck of a lot more than I could’ve said a year ago.
For the first time, I’m happy to be where I am. I had a hard time settling down here at first, it scared me to make ties and allow myself to consider anything else but New York home. I found myself constantly yearning to go back to the city I thought I would never leave. But I realize now that New York will always be there with open arms, I’ve learned that being open to new places and people is one of the most beneficial skills a person can learn and I’m grateful to have learned that at such a young age.

I don’t have everything figured out but I’m okay with that. I’m enjoying the process of getting to wherever it may be that I end up! I hope the many blog entries I’ve written that derived from my wandering, overly reflective self at some point or another made you laugh or smile or maybe even made you think twice about something.
I’m looking forward to another year of non-conventional stories and I couldn’t be happier to have this blog to document all my musings along the way.

xoxo sarahgurl


3 thoughts on “And I’m Back… One Year Later

  1. I’m impressed with your being able to just up and move like that. Major independence & security on your part! I’ll have to take a peek back at your years-worth of posts to see how you arrived at this point. Bravo Adventurous One!

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