Mall Detour

So I felt like switching things up today and decided to blog from my cracked iPhone instead of my grandma’s ancient computer in the basement. I am currently eating a baked potato in the kitchen while my grandparents are in the next room watching some sort of program on T.V. (probs a British mystery). About every 5 minutes my grandpa asks my grandma if the sorbet has defrosted and then reminds her to “always open the freezer on the right side.” I’m not sure why it is so important to him to constantly tell us that but he is old and I guess it gives him peace of mind.

My grandparents had already finished dinner by the time I got home because I’ve gotten into this bad habit where I loiter around the mall for a while after work. The bus I take to work gets off at the mall so I am pretty much always there. Whenever I tell people that I walk about 15 minutes from the mall to work they think I am crazy but it’s really not that bad. In order to get to the street that leads to my job, I have to cut through Kohl’s department store. I’ve started to feel badly that I always walk through their store but never buy anything. They’ve probably noticed me by now because every time I walk through their store I am carrying a coffee and usually end up spilling some on myself. I also always stop and look at the same shirt because, from first glance, it looks cute but then I realize that it is actually something a frumpy mom would wear so I keep walking; it gets me every time though. On my way home from work, I usually cut through a different department store because I am scared Kohl’s will think I am up to no good.

Today I was in kind of a weird mood and didn’t feel like going straight home so I took a little detour around the mall (but not in Kohl’s obviously). I went into one store and ended up buying a sweater that was supposed to be 30 dollars but was on sale for 8 (I realized after I got home and tried it on that it was probably on sale because the arms are sown very oddly, almost as if it is supposed to be for a flying squirrel.) But I didn’t know that at the time so I went to the cash register to buy it. The guy asked me if I had a rewards card, I said I did but he got confused when I told him my zip code because it’s the one I used from Brooklyn. I also got slightly paranoid when he looked me up because about a year ago, I opened some kind of credit account with that store to purchase a pair of underwear but then I left for the entire summer and never paid it back so I ended up owing them like 200 dollars…

Anyway, after I purchased my sweater I went and bought a coffee (which was another poor decision). I always think that if I drink coffee on my way back that I will be really productive when I get home. However, this is never the case and I usually just stay up late for no reason. I also just like to drink or eat something while I wait for the bus because it gives me something to do. After I got my coffee, I went to the bus stop and saw that there were multiple people waiting which was a good sign and meant there should be a bus coming soon. This one girl then let out this really loud, dramatic shiver and I laughed because I was cold too. We then starting talking about how it is insanely chilly for the month of May and this one guy standing underneath the bus stop agreed. He offered to let us stand in his place because it blocks the wind pretty well, he stepped out and this random girl and me swapped places with him. The three of us talked for a while and when the bus finally came, we sat together. (I’m glad I didn’t meet them on my way to work because right as I was getting on the bus a swarm of bugs flew in my face. And then when I got on they were like lingering around me and it was really embarrassing.) I talked to them for about another ten minutes and it was kind of a weird feeling to think that when I got off, I would never see them again. Now that I think about it, I’ve made a lot of friends on the bus. I hope someday all of these people I’ve crossed paths with will magically all be on the same one although this highly unlikely.

I think it is safe to say that the sorbet has officially defrosted now so, on that note, I am going to go. I don’t really have anything insightful to infuse in these last few lines but I hope everyone has had a good day and I will post again soon!

XOXO sarahgurl




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