The Arrival of March

There’s kind of this unspoken law in Wisconsin where you’re not allowed to complain about the cold because, after all, you are living in Wisconsin. But now that it’s March and still in the single digits, I feel completely justified to break this law. So on that note, WHY IS IT SO FREAKING COLD?

My grandpa told me that this is the coldest winter Wisconsin has experienced since 1936 and, coincidentally, this is my first winter in Wisconsin, really great timing on my part. I’m also convinced that March is, in general, the worst month ever. It’s just so long and seems to drag on and on. But I’ll stop being a sour puss now because the first few days of this month have actually been all right.

I worked at the restaurant over the weekend which is always good fun. This one lady got really drunk on a Sunday evening (totally judging her) and was being particularly loud. Then this guy, that she apparently knew, came in to pick up his food and she went over to him and was like “Oh my God, Billy blue eyes. How are you?! You should totally come over sometime, I’m so lonely. Wow. Billy blue eyes. Promise me you’ll come visit?” then she slapped his ass; he bolted out of the restaurant as soon as he got his food.

I also went to the gym the other day. At first, I was feeling really good about myself because the person next to me was an old man wearing an all gray sweat suit and was practically walking in place. But then I glanced over at his workout stats and saw that he was on a higher level than me and had been on the machine for over an hour. And here I am, 15 minutes in and already feeling pooped. I used that as motivation and picked up my pace but then I accidentally kicked something and the back cover of the machine flew off and everybody stared at me. So yeah, I might not be going to the gym for a while.

In other news, I’ve discovered that I like marmalade jelly. I tried it one time before when my grandpa was having it and I thought it was gross. But then I tried it again this morning and liked it. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you have to give things a second chance before you cast your judgment.

So I’ll take my own word of advice and give the month of March a second chance, who knows, maybe this month I’ll meet my coffeehouse soul-mate.


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