Happy Halloween?

Lets just say I’m currently sitting in an “I ❤ NY” shirt and a metro-card in my hair, oh and did I mention it’s Halloween? I didn’t get myself too hyped up for this haunted holiday this year because, in all honesty, I didn’t think I would be doing anything. In the past few weeks whenever people have asked what I was dressing up as, I  simply responded “Oh I’m not sure yet, I’ll probably just throw something together last minute.” I said this with no real intention of actually doing that– until tonight.

I got a text this afternoon from a guy I met a few weeks ago inviting me to a costume party. This was pretty exciting considering my only other option tonight was staying in with my grandparents, drinking tea, and playing board games (they are quite the party animals). I had every intention of going to that party. I even put together a costume at the last minute; a New York tourist. This is where you say “haha wow that’s so witty because you ARE a New Yorker!” and then I smile and pat my fanny-pack and say “I know, I put it together last minute.”

So we’re eating dinner, and by dinner I mean gluten free pasta, when my grandpa challenges me to a game of Rummikub (which I always win by the way).  I stop twirling my pasta and tell my grandfather I’ll have to take a rain check tonight because I have Halloween plans. I could have easily lied and said “We’re making Halloween challah!!” but, giggling at this option, told them that I was invited to a Halloween party and would be back later.

And then my grandma threw the bowl of pasta off the table.

I’m only kidding although that certainly would’ve been a sight to see. Instead, they smiled and told me to have fun. “– but” my grandma adds. Oh no. “you need to be back by 12 AM.” 12 AM?!!!!!! That was my curfew my freshman year of high school. I was livid. But to mask my outrage, I mentally put a Jack-o-lantern over my head, only to reveal wide eyes and a crooked smile. I tried to ration with them by reiterating that I am responsible. And for goodness sake it is Halloween! But it was no use (I come from a long line of hard headedness). I was really upset. Yeah the curfew part sucked but mostly I was frustrated because I am so desperately trying to create a life for myself here but that seems impossible to do when I am constantly being told what I can and can’t do. I guess I’m not used to this whole “family dynamic” thing, I never had that at home.

I went upstairs and texted that guy about the whole ridiculous situation with my grandparents. I was really embarrassed but his response was really sweet and accommodating which made me feel a lot better. I understand where my grandparents are coming from, I really do, but, at the same time, I‘ve practically forgotten what it‘s like to actually be my age. I was feeling overwhelmed and it was getting late so I presented myself with my two options (a technique I learned as a camp counselor). I could either 1) be bitter and not go out at all or 2) suck up my tentative curfew and enjoy myself for a couple hours. And with option 2, I put on my “I ❤ NY” shirt, put that metro-card in my hair, and proceeded to walk to the bus with pure determination.

That was until I actually got to the bus stop. Right where the bus is supposed to pull in was a giant, blocked off area for construction. I also mentioned in another post that the bus stops in Wisconsin have no time schedule listed. So here I am, a New York tourist, standing on a desolate block as I get whipped by the brutality of the wind. I waited a while. But then I looked down at my Walmart watch (which I wore to accessorize my costume although I secretly love it) and made note of the time. It was pointless to even get on the bus because by the time it came (which could have been never), I would have had to turn around and come back home. I disappointingly told that guy I couldn’t make it and made my way back to my grandparents.

And that’s why I’m sitting here in my oh so creative costume blogging on Halloween. But I surprisingly don’t feel angry or upset about tonight. I know that I have a lifetime of parties ahead and that my grandparents have the best of intentions, it’s just going to require some conversation on this matter over a cup of tea and a game of Rummikub.

However, I am slightly disappointed that my grandparents have no candy in their house for the festivity of Halloween. The sweetest thing here is probably a prune which I don’t really think qualifies as a treat but it will have to do for tonight.

Happy Halloween! If you get lost, let me know. I have my tourist map in my back pocket.


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