Rainy Day Adventures

Today I learned two very important things: I hate malls and blogging has made me a seemingly more optimistic person.

I was hesitant to go to the mall today in the first place because I refuse to succumb to the suburban way of life. However, I was feeling especially restless this morning and, possessed by boredom, somehow made my way to bus stop. I waited a while. And the longer I waited for the bus, the darker the sky became. The fog was nearly swallowing me whole but, being the optimist that I am, I figured it would clear up.

I was wrong. As soon as I stepped off the bus it began to pour (raining men, cats and dogs, whatever you want to call it). I dodged into the nearest store which happened to be Barnes and Nobles and walked in as if I was summoned to this mainstream bookstore for eternity. I lingered in the entrance for a while, still in disbelief of my bad timing, and made harmonious laughter with this little, old lady who was fiddling with her over sized umbrella. Then a group of tweens (that god awful age) stumbled in squealing and kept obnoxiously carrying on about the rain. At one point, I was scared one girl’s braces were going to fly off and permanently blind me.

While it would have been preferable for it not to have rained, I’m glad it did. It made me realize that the mall scene is not my cup of tea (or rather coffee) and it also gave me something to blog about. Today was a perfect example of a quote my friend once told me “Man makes a plan, God laughs.”


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