Surviving as a Cheesehead

It’s weird to think that three weeks ago, I was just arriving in the mysterious land of cheese. Since then, a few things have happened that I have yet to blog about:

1) I received the golden ticket for all coffee lovers; a frequent buyers card
The local coffeehouse finally noticed that I was coming in daily and gave me some kind of card. It’s plastic and has a nice design on it although it would be so much cooler if it granted me free coffee for life.

2) I met a British man
I went downstairs for breakfast about a week ago and there was a British man in my grandparents kitchen.  Normally, I would think this was strange but nothing phases me anymore when it comes to my grandparents. The other night we went out to dinner with him and it turns out he travels around the world playing the cello! He was really lovely and had great tales of his family back in England.

3) I went to a young adult book gathering in Chicago
It was amazing. I got to talk one on one with about 26 authors and hear their life stories and sources of inspiration. I even got to meet Stephen Chbosky, author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and when I told him I was an aspiring writer he said to me” you are not an aspiring writer, you ARE a writer” Needless to say, hearing that was surreal.

4) I took the public bus again
I was on the bus heading downtown for a follow up interview when I got a call informing me that there was a miscommunication. And the miscommunication was that I was already hired and did not need to come in for the interview, in other words, I am now employed!!! (which is perfect timing considering I realized that same morning that I was left with only 10 dollars until I found a job)

5) I discovered a new coffeehouse
Since I was already downtown and no longer needed to go to my interview, I decided to do what I do best; spend endless hours in coffeehouses. The barista dude was super friendly and made a joke that wasn’t actually that funny but I laughed anyway. And then I got flustered and dropped my leftover change in the tip jar which I immediately regretted afterward (because like I said, I only have 10 dollars left and every penny counts now) I was also unsure of where the milk or sugar was so I ended up drinking a large black, unsweetened iced coffee out of a glass mug.. Yeah.

6) I did yoga with my grandma
My grandma has been trying to get me to do yoga with her for the past 3 weeks and this morning, I finally went with her. The class was primarily old ladies (my grandma by far being the most hip) and was in a small, musky room. It was an interesting experience.

7) I registered for a passport
This winter I’m hoping to go on Birthright (a free trip to Israel for Jews between the ages of 18-25). But in order to do that, I need a passport first! I’ve never traveled outside the U.S before so this is really exciting. Well technically I went to Canada when I was in the first grade but all I remember is that the hotel was nice and that I was really offended when the airport security scanned the stuffed husky dog I bought there on the way home.

8) I ate a prune
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was really hungry one night and moseyed down to my grandparents kitchen in the hopes of discovering a delicious, secret snack. Well I wouldn’t say it was delicious but I found a jar of prunes. And I ate one. It wasn’t actually that bad, it kind of tasted like an inflated raisin but I definitely would not say prunes are my snack of choice.

9) I’ve officially established that my grandparents are the most popular people in Wisconsin
I swear, every place that we go my grandparents have some obscure connection with at least one person there. The other day we all went to Blockbuster (because my grandparents still rent movies) and there was a girl who worked there (probably mid 20’s) who was thrilled when my grandparents walked in. They chatted for a while and gave each other restaurant recommendations and then another guy who worked there came over and told my grandparents he had saved a movie for them that he thought they would love. My grandparents are the definition of social butterflies.

10) I met my coffeehouse soul mate
No, I’m only kidding but he’s out there somewhere…


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