The Beauty of Blogging

The other day my grandma and I were sitting in the kitchen eating some really bland, salt-less popcorn and after filling each other in on our day, we somehow got into the topic of social networking. Keep in mind, my grandma can barely navigate her own email account so naturally she had a lot of … Continue reading

The Social Coffee Drinker

I’m back at the local coffeehouse.  Coming here is not quite as exciting as it was when I first got to Wisconsin but, nonetheless, still a good experience.  There’s a new coffee dude who works here.  He’s pretty cute and asked how my day was (which obviously qualifies him as a potential soul mate). I’ve … Continue reading

A Word of Advice

In New York, I valued  my time on the train. Commuting time is great for listening to music, reading a book, finishing last minute homework, people watching (don’t lie, I know you all do this) and, most importantly, reflecting. I’ve had some of my most profound realizations on the train and it’s all thanks to … Continue reading

And We’re Back

Exactly one month ago, I was sitting in my empty room in Brooklyn. One month ago, I was fighting back tears and attempting to look nonchalant while I tweeted off the airport ipad. And one month ago, my grandparents welcomed me with open arms, sporting their notorious “woof” hats and took me out to eat … Continue reading

Rainy Day Adventures

Today I learned two very important things: I hate malls and blogging has made me a seemingly more optimistic person. I was hesitant to go to the mall today in the first place because I refuse to succumb to the suburban way of life. However, I was feeling especially restless this morning and, possessed by … Continue reading