Grandma And I Hit The Town

Last night, my grandma and I hit the streets of Milwaukee. She had two tickets to a theatre production and, since my grandpa was not up for it, asked if I would like to join. I was a little hesitant at first because 1) the last show I went to with her ended up being a three hour long opera and 2) because of the mere fact that I would be hanging out with my grandma on a Saturday night. But I read over the playbill and it seemed remotely interesting, plus I had nothing else to do so I figured why not?

It was surprisingly not bad. The theatre itself was small and my grandma and I had seats very close to the stage. I started to make assumptions about the play before it started based on the set up of the stage (I learned this in my intro to theatre class last school year, that professor was a major biatch though). The show centered around five characters that were all intertwined through a series of malicious lies. Also the word “fuck” was used a lot, my grandma cringed every time.

During intermission, a lady in the bathroom said to me “I see those boots everywhere but I would never think to wear them like that, so cute”. It made me happy to hear that. It’s nice being in Wisconsin because I can throw on whatever and people think it’s fashion forward. This was never the case in New York. I really hated when I would go to the deli by my house in the morning in my pajamas and there were people there who looked really good. However, one time a man told me I was “bonita” when I was looking especially disheveled so who knows, maybe that’s a good look for me.

After the show, we saw a featured menu for a restaurant nearby. I told my grandma that we should check it out (mainly because I was starving from practically eating nothing due to my grandparents restricted diet). The restaurant was cool. There was a bar area in front and dining area towards the back. I really liked the ambiance, it was dim and had brick walls and even played music that I liked. It kind of looked like a place you would find in Brooklyn.

My grandma and I looked over the menu and she suggested we share a salad; I smiled and told her I was ordering pasta. I felt bad for the waitress because my grandma asked her a million questions but she was very polite. While we’re waiting for our food, my grandma’s phone starts to ring; it’s my grandpa asking what we’re up to. “Oh we’re just having a lil snacky” my grandma tells him. A snacky? I don’t even think I used that word when I was in the third grade.

We finished up our meal and headed back home. Not going to lie, it was only 10:30 and I was already tired (probably because I’ve had the life style of a senior citizen for the past two weeks). But I’m glad I decided to accompany my grandma last night. I ended up enjoying myself and, more importantly, it made my grandmother happy. I poke fun at my grandparents a lot but they’re really great people. Everyone in Wisconsin seems to think so too! I swear they are the most popular people here… I’m not sure I can even become as popular as them.


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