Musings and Mishaps

I’m sure it is to no surprise to anyone that I am currently sitting in the local coffeehouse. But to spice things up a little, today I sat in the cushioned armed chair instead of the oak table by the window ( I know, really exciting). The crowd right now is decent. Sometimes when I watch people in here I can’t tell if they know each other from beforehand or are just meeting for the first time. Everyone is so friendly in Wisconsin. In New York, if you smile at a stranger that means you are either a pervert or you are trying to lure them in so you can rob them.

A lot of high school students come here as well. Sometimes I eavesdrop on them and laugh to myself as they whine about the common app. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the houses over here have signs in their lawn that say “A High School Athlete Lives Here” Every time I see one of these signs I gag a little and feel unconditionally embarrassed for whoever lives there. If my dad ever tried to do that when I was in high school, I would be mortified. Although it’s not much better that he insisted on keeping Halloween decorations on the door year round.

I guess I am still getting accommodated to the Mid-Western life style. Like today when I was waiting for my coffee, they had these cool skull stickers on the counter. I wanted to take one but I wasn’t sure if you had to buy them or not. The barista must of noticed me eying them because she urged me to take one. I couldn’t believe they were free. And that they were just sitting there. In the city, nothing was ever free. Even In McDonalds they kept the packets of splenda locked up; New Yorkers will stock up on anything that does not have a price attached to it.

Well I still haven’t found my coffeehouse soul mate but at least I have a cool, new sticker?


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