5 Things People Expect in Wisconsin

5. Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, not all Wisconsinites love cheese. In fact, some of them get really offended when referred to as “cheese-head.” But I have a theory that they all secretly love it, I mean why else would the maximum weight for a two person water slide be 700 pounds? (I saw this at a large water park in Wisconsin once)


Even Obama loves cheese!

4. Cows

They’re everywhere! Not literally but they are frequently seen in statue form.

snowy blue cows

Blue Cow (not sure where the baby one is) at the summer camp I work at, I love them with all my heart.

3. Walmart

Well I’m not sure if everyone associates Wisconsin with Walmart but I do.  The first time I went there I bought 50 dollars worth of unnecessary food and a digital watch (that broke and I’m still really bitter about it). Also, riding in the electronic shopping cart is the most liberating experience ever, I highly suggest everyone try this at some point in life.

walmart oldlady

Some old lady shopping at Walmart (loving the denim on denim look, so fierce)

2. Root (beer)

Wisconsin is famous for both their beer and root beer. The root beer is quite tasty, if i do say so, but if you’re going to order soda, or “pop” as mid-westerners say, it’s more fun to order a coke because they pronounce “o” really funny here.


House party in Wisconsin1!11!!!!!!!

1. Old Folks

Once again, I’m not actually sure there is a real correlation between Wisconsin and the older demographic but there always is in my experience. When i was about nine years old, my grandparents brought me to this event called music on the lawn and it was just a bunch of old folks sitting in the grass listening to classical music. There was good food there but my grandma only let me eat the unsalted popcorn she brought from home; it was really traumatic.


Old people in the park, this is the desired spot.


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