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Its been a while

I used to think all the time. In coffeehouses, crammed in a corner with my notebook and pen. Positioned in front of a window with a perfect view of a garbage can glistening in the snow. On the bus, when public transportation was my main form of socialization. On the long, dark blocks to my … Continue reading

Define: Home

There’s a room that’s painted white with pictures and plants. On the bed sits a dog who looks up unamused as I walk by, grumbles a bit, and decides I am not worth the energy. The bathroom is clean and lined with shelves. A fluffy bath mat covers the floor, the soap is fully stocked. … Continue reading

Mystery Van

My grandpa told me not to come here. “It could be bad for your lungs kid” he informed me, pushing a neatly cut article in my direction. But here I am anyway. In this brightly lit, hazardous hazelnut brewing coffeehouse. I like it here. People don’t question what you are doing or why you are … Continue reading


It’s funny how things can change yet stay seemingly the same. Last week when I told my friends and co-workers that I’d be gone for a week to go home, I was continually asked if I was excited for my trip. I said I was, which was true, but these words kind of just came … Continue reading

The Golden Rule

Rule # 1: Do Not Speak to Strangers. The first time I rode the bus in Milwaukee, I still very much had my New York mentality. I did not engage in conversation with unknown people let alone make eye contact with them. However, as I became familiarized with the area and the Midwestern way of … Continue reading